NTT DOCOMO, Metawave demo 28GHz-band 5G

NTT DOCOMO, Inc., in collaboration with Metawave Corporation, has announced the demonstration of a 5G mobile communication system using 28GHz-band 5G, and the world´s first meta-structure reflect-array technology, the company said.

The world´s first successful demonstration took place in the world in Koto-ku, Tokyo on November 29, 2018. Meta-structures are an artificial medium with optical characteristics developed by arranging structures that are sufficiently small with respect to wavelength in the form of an array

As a result of this demonstration the communication speed achieved was 560 megabits per second (Mbps) with Metawave´s meta-structures reflect-array in place, compared to 60 Mbps with no reflector.

The 5G trial site is located at Koto-ku, Tokyo. 5G data communication using 28GHz band was measured between the 5G base station (Ericsson) located in Tokyo International Exchange Center rooftop and the 5G mobile station (Intel) running experimental vehicle.