Ntrepid transitions Anonymizer VPN accounts

Ntrepid Corporation, a provider of cutting-edge managed attribution solutions, has announced that it will be transitioning all Anonymizer.com consumer anonymity accounts to InvinciBull, a set-it-once VPN (Virtual Private Network) uniquely designed to stream content and data securely and anonymously wherever you are located globally, the company said.

Launched on September 12, 2018, InvinciBull evolved out of 20-year cybersecurity veteran Finjan Mobile, a subsidiary of Finjan Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: FNJN). Ntrepid will retain the Anonymizer domain name and pivot the brand to support business competitive intelligence activity for Ion, the company´s patented large-scale IP rotation system.

InvinciBull is a powerful VPN designed to let users easily access the data and content they´re looking for without the risk of hacking and tracking. InvinciBull never collects user data.

Ntrepid is a mission-driven provider of cutting-edge technology solutions for government and enterprise to discreetly and safely conduct sophisticated online operations in the most hostile online environments. More information can be found at www.ntrepidcorp.com.