NSR's SOFA6 report finds opportunistic changes in satellite operator finances

NSR´s satellite operator financial analysis (SOFA) has released its sixth edition report, which finds the satellite industry is at a crossroads, the company said.

The company said decisions regarding business models and the way that operators conceptualize capacity will greatly affect their place in the telecom value chain. NSR´s SOFA6 includes analysis of CAPEX calculations yielding lower figures for break-even costs, and data-centric discussion detailing the extent to which pricing has fallen over the past few years.

Top-line operator revenues declined, in USD terms, by just over five percent in 2015, with several Euro-denominated operators seeing a sharp drop due to currency exchange rates. Revenues per leased transponder continued to decline, while metrics such as EBITDA margin remained robust.

SOFA6 analyzes a number of industry metrics to gain a better understanding of where the industry is headed tomorrow, with the short-term and long-term trends that these metrics reveal analyzed at length.

NSR´s satellite operator financial analysis, sixth edition, provides industry-leading analysis and comprehensive research on all aspects relating to the financial side of the FSS and MSS sectors.

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