NS1, Raintank to add Grafana to IT management dashboards

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Raintank´s New Grafana Application for NS1 Provides Deep Visibility into DNS Performance and Metrics

NS1 has partnered with Taintank, the company behind Grafana to add the new Grafana application for NS1, enabling users to add key DNS analytics into their IT management dashboards, the company said.

Thousands of enterprises use Grafana to gain single-console visual analytics of their IT infrastructure. With the new application for NS1, Grafana users can now add key DNS analytics into their IT management dashboards. The Grafana application for NS1 is available now on Grafana.net.

Aggregating metrics and performance: Grafana, an open-source solution for visualizing time series data, consolidates data from the entire stack into a single platform. Features include pluggable panels and data sources for extensibility, including fully featured dashboards with rich visualization options.
Visualizing NS1 data in Grafana: Provides teams with a real-time view into DNS traffic and infrastructure health. The NS1 app provides real-time and historic visibility into query-per-second (QPS) traffic and NS1´s high-frequency monitoring.

NS1 is a provider of intelligent DNS and traffic management services, with data-driven architecture and filter chain routing engine. NS1´s platform technology leverages infrastructure, application and network data to make routing decisions in real time, ensuring optimal application performance and reliability.