NQ Mobile Security Center, 1; new Android malware strain variants, 0

NQ Mobile (NYSE: NQ) said that its security centre has captured and eradicated two new malware strain variants, protecting consumers from possible privacy violations and fraudulent bill charges.

The infections a.privacy.SmsManager.a (Privacy Leaker) and a.payment.Sexyapp.a (SMS Fraudster) were discovered in the China market and were quarantined prior to inflicting widespread damage.

Dubbed “Privacy Leaker” for its ability to surreptitiously upload users´ personal information to the network, a.privacy.SmsManager.a is a newly discovered virus variant that would download onto consumers´ devices in the background and be triggered via SMS. Once active, the virus could listen to and intercept incoming SMS as well as collect and upload sensitive phone information to the web server.

“SMS Fraudster,” a.payment.Sexyapp.a, is a new virus variant discovered on the Google Play Store in China. After tempting users to install the malicious app, the malware would send premium-rate SMS messages, leading to unexpected charges on users´ bills.

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