NovuMind AI software powers medical supercomputer project

NovuMind Inc., an innovator in full-stack Artificial Intelligence technologies, has announced its participation in the Shennong Supercomputer Project in the city of Chengdu, the company said.

The Shennong Supercomputer, named after the legendary figure credited with inventing Chinese medicine, is a powerful platform dedicated to training AI deep learning models for diagnostic imaging and medical research. The system utilizes software originally developed by NovuMind for training of deep learning models on its NovuStar distributed AI training platform[1].

NovuMind helps companies put the power of AI into their products. The NovuTensor chip, along with a full stack of AI solutions support, enables OEMs to embed deep learning inference capability, even in applications where power or network access are limited. Led by AI industry pioneer Ren Wu, the NovuMind team has expertise in machine learning, chip design, and high-performance computing. The company´s headquarters and R&D are located in Santa Clara CA, with additional offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, China. For more information, visit: