Norwegian civil aviation administration partners with Avinor air navigation to aim for 2030 debut of electric aircraft

Norway´s civil aviation administration and air navigation service Avinor have announced its target for initial operation of domestic scheduled services using electric aircraft in 2030, the authorities said.

Norwegian authorities have drawn up a programme for introduction of electric aircraft, as part of a national transport plan to published in spring next year and put to the country´s parliament.

The analysis cites evidence that over 200 initiatives are under way to develop electric or hybrid-electric passenger aircraft, particularly in the 19-seat sector, and multiple airlines including Scandinavia´s SAS and Wideroe have expressed interest or engaged in collaborative projects.

The analysis says battery technology remains one of the main obstacles, with current lithium-ion cells offering energy density of about 250Wh/kg — expected to increase by 50-75% to 400-450Wh/kg. New-generation solid-state batteries could have the potential to raise this to 650Wh/kg, with a consequent “major impact” on range, it states.

Avinor and the civil aviation administration are proposing a package of measures including incentives regarding technology development, investment support and beneficial conditions during the operational phase.