Northrop & Johnson, NetJets partner to broaden luxury travel offerings

Northrop & Johnson, a luxury yacht company, has announced it has partnered with private aviation company NetJets to provide clients with a superior travel experience, the company said.

The partnership will allow clients of both brands to enjoy exceptional travel experiences through jet travel and yacht charter. Additionally, clients who purchase a NetJets membership through Northrop & Johnson also enjoy exclusive benefits on select travel and aviation services.

With Northrop & Johnson charter experts arranging the superyacht itinerary at each destination in collaboration with a private jet fleet, travelers can enjoy a seamless service with private air travel aboard NetJets and accommodation aboard the world´s best superyachts for charter.

Northrop & Johnson offers yacht sales and purchase to charter to management and marketing of luxury vessels.

NetJets Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a private jet charter and management company.