Nomadix accessory supports high-speed fiber Internet

Nomadix Inc. has introduced an accessory for its AG 5900 bandwidth management gateway to support high-speed fiber Internet and increasing bandwidth demands, the company said.

The two-port enhanced small form-factor pluggable (SFP+) fiber module is designed for hotels, or other establishments with visitor-based networks, where a fiber architecture is deployed and fiber WAN ports are needed. SFP+ technology helps provide lowest latency and low power usage when compared to copper Base-T.

To support the increasing bandwidth demands being placed on high-speed Internet access (HSIA), many four- and five-star hotels today are upgrading their IT infrastructure from copper to fiber. In addition, many newer properties are being built with fiber instead of copper. Fiber offers significant advantages over copper wire, as it can better accommodate high-demand applications. To support these higher throughput pipes, Nomadix´s AG 5900 SFP+ fiber module enables hotels to support fiber WAN connections.