Nomad GCS, Kymeta Government Solutions to bring COTM to mobile command centers

Kymeta, a communications company, and Nomad Global Communication Systems (GCS, a provider of mobile operations solutions for agencies and businesses with remote communication needs, haved announced their partnership to deliver end-to-end, seamless, mobile connectivity for defense, public safety, first response, utility and private sector customers, the companies said.

Nomad will continue to lead innovation in the connected mobile operations center market by offering Kymetaâ„¢ KyWayâ„¢ terminals, KyWayâ„¢ Go mobile units and KÄ€LOâ„¢ Internet access services to global customers.

Kymeta is making seamless, always-connected mobile communications possible with a unique hybrid approach that enables satellite and cellular networks to deliver a single, global, mobile network. End-to-end mobile communications are delivered with Kymeta KÄ€LOâ„¢ connectivity services, and the world´s first and only electronically steered, flat-panel satellite terminal that goes places traditional satellite dishes cannot.

Kymeta Government Solutions is managed, led, and staffed by those who understand both the distinct requirements of the government user community as well as the demanding environments where Kymeta solutions are deployed. We serve global government customers at the federal, state, and local levels, always remaining cognizant that human lives often depend on the performance and reliability of our solutions.

From its headquarters near Glacier National Park in Montana, Nomad GCS solves the toughest challenges for its customers through the design and construction of the world´s best-connected mobile command and communication solutions. The company serves industries across the spectrum, including law enforcement, fire, public safety, military, healthcare, and more. From large mobile command centers to go-anywhere tactical vehicles, Nomad custom-tailors solutions to excel in any mission.