Nokia, Sanmina work together on data center solutions

Sanmina Corporation (Nasdaq: SANM) and Nokia will collaborate to deliver a broad range of data center solutions that enable operators to harness the cloud, the company said.

Sanmina will be a key delivery partner for Nokia´s recently announced Data Center Services.

This strategic collaboration between Nokia and Sanmina will focus on the delivery of cost effective and scalable, multivendor cloud infrastructure solutions. Leveraging Sanmina´s experience with IT infrastructure, hardware integration and global fulfilment for the telecommunications and cloud computing markets, Nokia will be able to rapidly deliver custom infrastructure solutions to improve operator time to market.

Sanmina will provide extensive services from worldwide delivery support to managing complex, multivendor supply chains. Sanmina´s global footprint, ability to scale, and experience in staging and testing services partnered with Nokia´s culture of innovation, technology, and thought leadership will allow customers to take delivery of industrialized, integrated, turn-key, state of the art data center solutions quickly, globally.

Beyond the delivery of data centers, Nokia and Sanmina will be working closely together to further expand the partnership to bring more value to Nokia´s customers.

Nokia is a global technology company the provides software, hardware and services for any type of network.

Sanmina is an integrated manufacturing solutions provider serving global electronics manufacturing services market.