Nirvana XP unveils new consumer app today

Las Vegas, Nevada-based all-in-one mobile application platform Nirvana XP has unveiled its NXP for Consumers in Chicago, the company said.

The app will allow consumers to use a single, secure, mobile application to check in, pre-order in advance upon check-in, make reservations, pre-order for a reservation in the future, order food online for take-out and delivery, use self service payment for dine-in orders from their own device, and also leave real-time, authenticated feedback.

The app will allow consumers to leave real-time feedback while at the restaurant and as well as provide feedback from their own devices at a later date still tying back to their original visit.

Other than the fact that the feedback feature is built into the app, it differs from Yelp, Google, Bing, TripAdvisor, Zomato, Foursquare, and other feedback models by limiting the reviews to those who have actually patronized the restaurant.

The list/check-in feature of the app allows consumers to place their orders while they are waiting for a table, thereby reducing turn times for the business and enhancing customer experience.

The payments feature allows consumers to pay their check using a QR code on the table, creating efficiencies for the business, and convenience for the consumer.

Nirvana XPTM combines cloud-based technology and mobility to offer an all-in-one, truly integrated, enterprise-level, fully customizable, simplified point of sale solution for business owners with integrated order management and performance, streamlined inventory tracking, CRM, and real-time cloud reporting.