NICE Gets Initiative to Modernize Incident Debriefing Systems

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) has announced that it has been awarded the initiative to modernize voice and communications recording systems for Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL), the company said.

The project, to be delivered in collaboration with SkySoft-ATM, is part of a broader LVNL initiative to fully update the organization´s voice communications technology and infrastructure. Facilitating more than 600,000 flights safely and efficiently each year, LVNL will use the next generation NICE Inform incident recording and reconstruction solution to record Dutch military airspace communications, and Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications at various regional and international airports including Amsterdam Schiphol, Rotterdam, Riekerpolder and Lelystad.

As an existing NICE customer, LVNL will be replacing its legacy voice recording solution to take advantage of the newest functionality that NICE Inform brings to its operations, including its proven ability to integrate with SkySoft-ATM Video Recording and Playback systems. NICE Inform reliably records all types of voice communications between aircraft, ATC operations and ground personnel. While seamlessly interfacing with a myriad of ATC systems to capture and synchronize voice, radar, CCTV video and other data, NICE Inform enables incidents to be reviewed and replayed exactly as they occurred.

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