NI, Shanghai University work together on 5G testbed for V2X communications

NI (Nasdaq: NATI), the provider of platform-based systems that enable engineers and scientists to solve the world´s greatest engineering challenges, has announced plans to collaborate with Shanghai University on a testbed focused on 5G ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) for V2X applications, the company said.

Vehicular networks, especially for autonomous driving applications, must offer ultra-reliability while requiring very low latency. Given the conflicting nature of these dual requirements and the unpredictability of the mobile wireless channel, a real-time experimental testbed where researchers can prototype their ideas is vital for success. The planned testbed for this collaboration will be built on NI´s flexible software defined radio (SDR) hardware and a 5G New Radio URLLC reference design.

Immersed in the distinguished heritage and pioneering track record in a global city, Shanghai University is situated in the heart of Shanghai. We combine educational achievement with forward-looking courses and world class research that are attuned to the latest city developments in science, technology and culture.

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