NextGen Healthcare Solution prepared patients ahead of Hurricane Dorian's landfall

North Carolina-based Kinston Community Health Center used NextGen Healthcare solution to prepare patients ahead of Hurricane Dorian´s landfall, the company said.

Patients contacted via email and text with crucial information regarding medications and medical supplies in advance of hurricane.

To reach its patients quickly, KCHC used NextGen Healthcare, Inc.´s (NASDAQ:NXGN) NextGen Care® software to send emergency preparedness text and email messages.

Because most systems typically require several days to build a campaign message, KCHC center personnel contacted NextGen Healthcare´s customer service center to solicit help in building the emergency message campaign “on the fly.” The NextGen Healthcare team collaborated in real time to ensure the campaign was built quickly and correctly — and that the message cascade consisted of an email message followed by a text message if the email did not reach the intended recipient.