NEXT Trucking app matches carriers with shippers based on preferences, location

NEXT Trucking said it has launched an online marketplace and mobile app that make it easier for truckers to find desirable jobs.

NEXT Trucking´s proprietary algorithms match carriers with appropriate shippers based on the trucker´s preferences and location. NEXT Trucking is the first marketplace that focuses on the carrier´s route and rate requirements instead of the shipper´s.

NEXT Trucking is the brainchild of co-founder Elton Chung, who also owns iDC Logistics ( iDC specializes in electronics and delivers approximately 18,000 loads per year, totaling up to USD2 billion dollars of merchandise annually.

NEXT Trucking technologies simplify the process of moving freight. Carriers submit their route and rate preferences on the NEXT mobile app, and shippers post their jobs on the marketplace. Shippers can then see nearby truckers whose preferences match their posted job. Once the shipper selects a carrier, the mobile app notifies the trucker to pick up the freight, and the shipping process begins as usual.

The entire process, including paperwork and payments, is handled by the NEXT marketplace and app. Shipments can be tracked in real-time via GPS. After the shipment is delivered, shippers can rate carriers, ensuring quality standards.