Next-generation transportation services company chooses Zayo

A next-generation transportation services company has selected Zayo Group Holdings (NYSE: ZAYO) for wavelengths to connect a new data center in a major metropolitan area with its data centers on both coasts, the company said.

The solution includes diverse metro connectivity along with 100G long haul wavelengths capacity.

The network will extend the provider´s network, supporting its core business functions, corporate IT and research and development. The routes are designed to provide geographic diversity and bypass existing points of failure — providing resilient infrastructure with proximity to the edge to better support their customer base.

Optical wavelengths provide dedicated, high-capacity bandwidth with predictable low latency with no requirement for the customer to make a large upfront capital investment to stand up their network infrastructure.

Zayo Group Holdings provides communications infrastructure solutions, including fiber and bandwidth connectivity, colocation and cloud infrastructure to the world´s businesses. Customers include wireless and wireline carriers, media and content companies and finance, healthcare and other large enterprises. For more information, visit