NexStreaming, Google Widevine launch HLS Player SDK

NexStreaming (KOSDAQ: 139670) has partnered with Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) to release an HLS player SDK secured with Widevine DRM for any Android and iOS app, the company said.

Video service providers are now able to deploy encrypted HLS and DASH OTT mobile apps with the advanced playback and streaming capabilities of NexPlayer SDK while ensuring that the content will be protected with Google Widevine. In order to make this possible, a Widevine DRM library is pre-integrated into NexPlayer SDK, securing the best video quality and user experience across all mobile devices.

NexPlayer with Widevine features the same streaming and playback capabilities as NexPlayer SDK, including intelligent ABR, HLS, DASH, closed captioning, multiple audio tracks, time shifting and the possibility to add 360 video navigation support.

NexStreaming is a global mobile software company with headquarters in Seoul (Korea) and branches in Spain, the US, Taiwan and China. NexStreaming is known for its excellent customer support and highly competitive time to market.

Their flagship product is NexPlayer SDK, a multiscreen player SDK integrated in the mobile apps of more than 200 premium video service providers around the globe. NexPlayer SDK secures the best user experience across all devices, solving the problem of device fragmentation and time to market for the launch of new features.