Nexit Launches With USD 10M in Funding

Nexit launches as the next generation in mobile mapping with USD 10 million in funding, the company said.

As the only all-in-one app for highway travelers, Nexit goes beyond what existing map apps provide. In addition to turn-by-turn directions, Nexit also helps drivers customize the perfect road trip by finding exactly what they want, when they need it, on the road they are traveling on.

Unlike Google or Apple Maps, Nexit allows users to search for any combination of travel destinations and amenities — including popular restaurants, hotels, shopping, attractions and the cheapest gas along your route. Users can also search by multiple preferences, such as a hotel with a pool or a restaurant with dine-in options, to find the next thruway exit that best fits your needs. Nexit´s industry-leading search functions are available to plan your ideal stops before your trip or to find the exit that fits all of your needs in real-time.

Nexit users can search by business name or type of stop and even filter by price, distance and more. The app covers the entire continental United States and its premium features are free for all users.

Nexit is available in the App Store for Apple iOS operating systems and will be coming soon to Android. To date, the app has raised USD 10 million in funding. To learn more about Nexit visit,

Nexit is the all-in-one navigation app to power the perfect road trip. Designed as the next generation in mobile mapping, Nexit provides turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to find exactly what you are looking for, when you need it, along your way. Nexit users can search for any combination of restaurants, hotels, shopping, attractions, the cheapest gas and more based on price, distance and specific features. Nexit is available for free in the App Store. To learn more about Nexit visit,