Nexar video Telematics provide data for driving events

Nexar the provider of the world´s first vehicle-to-vehicle network for preventing road collisions and enabling autonomous mobility, has launched its vision-based Telematics solution which will leverage smartphone and cameras in automobiles to decrease accidents, better price auto insurance risk, and deter fraud, the company said.

Vision-based telematics provides the necessary data to unlock additional driver behavior insights.

Finally, an important benefit of this new, vision-based Telematics solution is that it does not solely rely on harsh events, but rather takes into account every second of driving, providing statistically significant results after a shorter tracking period and miles driven. As a result, the driving score can also adapt better to the effects of coaching.

Beyond telematics, the Nexar application also provides Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) alerts to the driver to avoid collisions through machine-vision as well as vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

Nexar connects cars in the world´s largest open vehicle-to-vehicle network. Leveraging connected smartphones and car cameras and sensors, Nexar provides real-time alerts to prevent vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian collisions. To join our network and help us rid the world of car crashes, you may download the Nexar app in Google Play or Apple App stores.

Leveraging millions of car-sourced road miles jointed with sensor-fusion, deep-learning, map-layering and artificial intelligence technologies Nexar provides a series of data products and services for the Automotive, Insurance and Mapping industries.