New Viderium Facility Launched in Latvia

Viderium has announced the launch of a new data facility to be launched by the company in Latvia in 2018, expanding business operations for the IT company. The new facility will expand on current operations in both Hampshire and Rotterdam, diversifying the Viderium offering and allowing the company to reduce outgoing costs even further.

Favourable Commercial Terms

The new Latvian operations will commence on what Viderium’s CEO Ross Archer has called “favourable commercial terms”, with some of the market’s most competitive pricing having been agreed. Latvia, stated Archer, feels like Viderium’s natural progression. As one of the most sustainable and cost-effective regions to do business in the energy-intensive high-performance computing market, operating out of Latvia will enhance Viderium’s bottom line. Viderium was expecting delivery of the first shipment of equipment to the new facility in Latvia by the 20th of July 2018.

The Baltic Highway

Latvia is one of the top ten global countries for average measured speed of internet connection. The Baltic Highway was launched in 2012 as a modern network for data transmission, increasing access speed for users to web-based content internationally and allowing new internet-based services to be developed and introduced in both East and West directions. The Baltic Highway provides a high-capacity infrastructure that facilitates national data-intensive companies providing exciting investment opportunities.

Viderium Services

Viderium specialises in operating and funding data centres to create high-performance computing solutions for business, along with a variety of other data solutions. The dynamic characteristics of data centres have driven the asset class to grow and attract recognition from investors. As a hybrid investment, data centres have dual attractions for investors as technical real estate. They combine prospects of rapid growth with the attractive characteristics of traditional property investment, including recurring revenues and long investment contracts.

Data Centres

Data centres typically house computer systems along with a variety of associated components, including telecommunications and storage systems. Other components may include environmental controls such as air conditioning and fire suppression, security devices, back-up supplies of power, and redundant communications connections for data.

Viderium Corporate Bonds

To facilitate growth, Viderium issued corporate bonds to investors in 2018. These bonds are insured and asset-backed, offering investors returns of 9.8% per annum paid quarterly, with capital repaid to the investor at the end of the investment period of three years. Viderium bond investment starts at £10,000.