new Unisys ClearPath Systems deliver mainframe performance on Intel-based Platform

Unisys Corp. (NYSE: UIS) announced new members of its ClearPath family of enterprise servers featuring a breakthrough architecture that combines the latest Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) processors with Unisys enterprise-class virtualization technology.

The new high-end ClearPath systems demonstrate that servers based on Intel processors can deliver large-scale mainframe performance rivaling that of systems based on proprietary processor architectures.

The new offerings comprise the high-end ClearPath Libra 6200 Series, the mid-range Libra 4200 Series and the entry-level and mid-range ClearPath Dorado 4200 Series. All three series of systems use powerful new high-end members of the Intel Xeon Processor family, complemented by Unisys’ secure partitioning (s-Par) technology for enterprise-class virtualization, to boost performance significantly beyond that delivered by previous Intel processor-based and even proprietary systems.

The new systems represent the latest stage in Unisys’ ongoing evolution of the ClearPath family to an open architecture based on Intel processors. These “NextGen” systems enable ClearPath clients to continue using mission-critical applications without change, while simplifying application modernization and reducing enterprise-computing costs. The new system architecture also lays the foundation for further software enhancements that extend the capabilities of the ClearPath family to help clients meet future data centre challenges.

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