New Territory's Interspace seat design makes flying coach comfortable

London-based New Territory has announced that its new economy class seat design is more comfortable for passengers, the company said.

The project, called Interspace, was officially unveiled earlier this month and features a wing support system that has been built into a standard coach-class-style airplane seat. It includes two padded wings that can fold out from the seat back, allowing passengers to lean on a cushioned surface.

According to New Territory, the crux of the problem is that airplane seat comfort has been traditionally associated with seat pitch, which is the space between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it.

The company found that fliers need the ability to rotate and redistribute their weight within their seat.

The padded wings on the Interspace seats have been designed so that they can be folded into the chair´s upholstery, allowing passengers to get in and out of their seats more easily.

New Territory has partnered with UK-based SWS Certification Services, which specializes in helping companies get airworthiness approvals for new designs for aircraft interiors. The Interspace seats are consequently fully certifiable, according to New Territory, which means carriers interested in implementing the seats could do so relatively quickly.