New technology launches after successful trial with Omni Air

Infinite Peripherals has launched InfineaRetailâ„¢ Airline Edition, a new technology for airlines to seamlessly integrate customer transaction technology with purchase analytics and management for in-flight solutions, upgrading previous antiquated technology, the company said.

Designed with transportation, retail, supply chain, and hospitality sectors in mind, InfineaRetail is a family of solutions that can be tailored for point-of-sale transactions in a number of verticals. InfineaRetail Airline Edition provides many benefits to the airline industry including increased revenue and customer satisfaction, efficient on-board retail management and reduction in card and inventory loss/fraud, making the technology a one-stop shop for all in-flight retail management.

With the introduction of the InfineaPulse crew companion app, staff can see and reconcile recorded sales, commissions, rewards and seller details to quickly assess all records for easy analytics about top performing staff and items. InfineaPulse also allows crew to create incentive-based programs for staff to encourage in-flight sales and revenue.

While the mobile hardware revolution has prompted innovation in this market, most available solutions are shareholder-focused rather than customer-focused, with long implementation times. With the adoption of InfineaRetail, airline crews will reap the benefits of using a fast, easy device that doesn´t require heavy training, while airline management leverages a system that collects critical sales data and produces intelligent reporting, all while the passenger enjoys an efficient buying experience.

The solution has been successfully tested and integrated with Omni Airâ„¢ International fleet of flight attendants, which provide air transportation solutions through charter or ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) to airlines, governments, tour operators, incentive groups, corporations and more.

Infinite Peripherals, a innovator of iOS business solutions, empowers businesses to operate more efficiently. The company offers barcode scanner data and insights that impact the bottom line in real-time as well as secure payment processing solutions on the sales floor. For more information, visit

Omni Air International is a privately owned and managed United States FAA Part 121 certified air carrier entering its third decade of air transportation solutions. Omni provide passenger charter operations to a diverse customer base including tour operators, scheduled and charter airlines, corporations, sports teams, alumni groups, and global government agencies.