New team messaging feature builds community, workplace culture

When I Work, a way to schedule, track time and communicate with hourly workers, commemorated Employee Appreciation Day on March 3rd by unveiling WorkChat, a new and secure team messaging service that enables small- and mid-sized businesses to discuss and agree to schedules, shift-swapping, vacation plans, availability and more, the company said.

The service improves the quality of these interactions and allows users to communicate easily, immediately, and remotely with an entire work team, in smaller groups or, in the case of multi-location businesses, by location.

Ramping to become the Slack for the hourly workforce, WorkChat fosters community and builds a sense of culture in small- to medium-sized businesses — often elusive as today´s hourly workers are rarely all in the same physical place at the same time.

The latest addition to the all-in-one employee management platform When I Work provides for its customers, WorkChat enables users to share photos (ideal for training), ask for last-minute help, and discuss common issues — without divulging personal phone numbers or information to their co-workers, providing a big advantage over text messaging and SMS feeds for time-pressed hourly workers and business owners.