New Red Lion modules integrate networking into industrial applications

Red Lion Controls said it has introduced its new rugged E3 I/Oâ„¢ module platform, a set of 17 high-density I/O modules with hardened metal enclosures and powerful communication options.

This platform marks Red Lion´s first rugged I/O modules configurable using Crimson® 3.0 software.

Designed to withstand the critical demands of localized and distributed I/O applications, Red Lion´s Crimson-enabled E3 I/O modules feature robust networking capabilities with redundant Ethernet ports and built-in serial communication. With one RS-485 terminal block and dual Ethernet ports that include user-selectable Ethernet modes for ring, pass through and two network, the easy-to-deploy E3 I/O modules can eliminate the need for additional switching devices.

Available in DIN-rail and panel-mount form factors, Red Lion´s E3 I/O modules feature rugged metal enclosures to support wide environmental tolerances and enable seamless integration into any industrial environment.

Red Lion has been delivering innovative solutions for over 40 years. With headquarters in York, Pennsylvania, the company has offices across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.