New Privacy Models Available on Prosper's Model Factory

Healthcare marketers now have a new privacy and HIPAA compliant way to create accurate customer segments and targeting models from Prosper´s new Model Factory on AWS SageMaker platform, the company said.

Many marketers are under pressure to develop strategies and policies for dealing with new consumer privacy regulations taking effect January 1, such as California´s CCPA legislation, in addition to Europe´s GDPR privacy rules.

Prosper´s Model Factory solves the privacy challenges for CCPA and HIPAA through its 100% privacy compliant methods and models. All models are created from Prosper´s unique accurate and anonymous dataset of consumer behaviors, attitudes and future intentions.

The Prosper Model Factory currently houses over 100 healthcare models, ranging from consumers planning on switching healthcare providers, to disease state sufferers such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety and many more. New models will be added regularly and can also be custom built. Click to view Models Available.

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