New polling shows public supports new KCI proposal

A new poll of Kansas City, Missouri residents shows a majority would support Burns & McDonnell´s plan to privately build and finance a new single-terminal KCI airport, the company said.

The survey of more than 1,000 Kansas City registered voters conducted June 10 and 11 showed that a majority of voters were opposed to a new airport until learning the details of a privately financed, single-terminal concept submitted by Burns & McDonnell in May to Kansas City officials.

First, respondents were asked if they support or oppose a new, single terminal airport at KCI. According to the survey, support is at 38 percent with 40 percent opposing; 22 percent of voters are unsure. After respondents learned additional details like private, local financing, and plans to preserve the existing convenience, support for a new single-terminal airport increased from 38 percent to 56 percent with 25 percent opposed and 19 percent unsure.

Burns & McDonnell is a Kansas City-based firm, founded in 1898. The 3,000 employee-owners actively volunteer within the community and have donated millions of dollars to causes that support the city.