New poll reveals Americans' optimism and trepidation of drones

The Hawthorne Group has announced a new poll reveals Americans´ have high hopes as well as high fears for drones, the company said.

Hawthorne commissioned the poll from TargetPoint who completed 801 telephone interviews.

The TargetPoint poll´s specific finding were as follows:

Americans expect drones to be more prevalent and currently trust the industry
• 70% expect home delivery in 5-10 years.
• 68% believe that commercial use over communities will be safe.
However, support for drones is soft.
• 58% think drones are a good idea; 42% do not
• 51% support neighborhood deliveries; 49% think they are too dangerous.
A strong majority is concerned about safety and drones.
• 68% are concerned; only 7% are not concerned at all.
An overwhelming majority expect something will go wrong and support regulation.
• 82% believe commercial drones used for small scale and cargo deliveries will cause a serious accident sooner or later.
• 71% have privacy concerns.
• 93% want some form of regulation.

The 1Q poll found that Chinese made drones raise additional concerns
• 83% think security concerns about Chinese manufacturers are valid.
• 71% think Chinese made drones should be banned from US Government Agencies.
• 55% think Chinese made drones should be banned from US businesses and individuals.

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