New partnership enables advanced hardware protections for secure digital identity

Civic, the global digital identity leader, has announced it will join Rivetz, an industry provider of decentralized hardware-based cybersecurity, in their partnership with Telefónica´s cybersecurity unit, ElevenPaths, to offer next-generation identity solutions powered by blockchain, the company said.

Digital identity is a cornerstone for the growing decentralized economy. Civic provides convenient, user-friendly identity solutions, which will integrate with the advanced cybersecurity architecture developed by Rivetz and Telefónica. This partnership will enable billions of mobile users to have a digital identity that they control and that simplifies access to global services.

With Dual Roots of Trust cryptography, a user´s private key will be distributed between two independent roots of trust, or operating systems: the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and the carrier subscriber identity module (SIM).

The solution provides an additional layer of protection for private keys even if one of the systems is compromised. With Civic, personal information is stored locally on a mobile device, protected by biometrics and high-level encryption. This integration will enable Civic to separate locally stored personal information from the user´s private key, adding an extra layer of protection.

Civic is a visionary blockchain identity-verification technology that allows consumers to authorize the use of their identities in real time. They are spearheading the development of an ecosystem that is designed to facilitate on-demand, secure and low-cost access to identity-verification services via the blockchain. Civic recently introduced a Civic token that participants in the ecosystem will use to provide and receive identity-verification-related services. The company sold USD 33 million of its tokens during its token sale event in June 2017.

Rivetz technology and services aim to provide a safer and easier-to-use model for all users to protect their digital assets using hardware-based trusted execution technology. The device plays a critical role in automating security and enabling the controls that users need to produce high assurance data and benefit from modern services. Rivetz leverages state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools to develop a modern model for users and their devices to interact with services on the Internet.