New Owlcam products to meet the needs of all business owners

Owlcam, the AI-powered crash-detecting dash cam offering real-time video protection for people, cars and trucks, announced two new products: Owlcam Pro, which protects professionals and small businesses, as well as Owlcam+ for video-integrated fleet management and telematics solutions, the company said.

Video is a must-have tool for professional drivers and fleet managers to protect against theft and liability. Owlcam is powered by best-in-class technology including dual HD interior and front-facing cameras, Edge Artificial Intelligence and 4G LTE connectivity. As a result, Owlcam is the only dash cam that makes video actionable: Stopping break-ins and catching thieves, providing verifiable video evidence to police and insurers and keeping drivers safe in the event of an accident.

Owlcam+ is designed for businesses and fleet managers who want video security integrated with fleet management and telematics such as: Driver metrics and reporting, geofencing and mapping, maintenance and diagnostics, asset tracking or electronic logging device (ELDs) or hours of service (HOS) tracking and compliance. Owlcam+ means innovative telematics providers can integrate video security with fleet telematics. Owlcam+ is currently available through fleet management partners.

For businesses and professional drivers who aren´t in need of fleet management tools, Owlcam Pro offers a simple way to buy, use and install video security in their vehicles. Owlcam Pro supports up to seven vehicles that drive up to 100,000 miles a year and includes a mobile app that lets business owners manage and view their fleet from their phone. The Owlcam Pro App was specially designed to deliver the video safety and security features small businesses need, including the ability to view vehicle location with driver confirmation, receive alerts when damage, break-ins and accidents are detected, and check in with Live View real-time video from anywhere with the option to view video history.

Owlcam is based in Palo Alto, CA. Learn more at and the Owlcam pressroom or follow @owlcameras on Twitter.