New market brief examines inadvertently blocked business calls

With illegal robocalls representing nearly half of all unwanted calls in 2019, the new Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs (SHAKEN) is helping to rebuild consumer confidence and trust in the US by mitigating the impact of the criminals, the company said.

However, as international calls will also pass through the SHAKEN service, overseas service providers need to be fully aware of the process to ensure their calls are properly authenticated and verified, and not inadvertently blocked due to lack of trust in the authentication information or lack of authentication altogether.

In order to ensure businesses are not disadvantaged by legitimate calls originating outside the US being caught in the SHAKEN net, there is a need for authoritative guidelines for international service providers to ensure the rules for handling their calls are clearly understood.

A trusted partner in the global communications ecosystem, iconectiv has released a new market brief outlining the processes that international service providers need to follow as SHAKEN becomes more widely deployed. Implementing the correct behavior will help ensure that legitimate calls from international counterparts are successfully validated in the US

The iconectiv market brief sets out how the existing SHAKEN framework operates, considers points to consider for international traffic and outlines what can be done to ensure that legitimate calls from international callers are appropriately verified and displayed to the called party.

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