New Kinetic Cloud-powered solution unlocks important new communications channels for businesses

Tango Networks has introduced its Enterprise Text Messaging solution, enabling corporate users to send and receive mobile network text messages from business phone numbers, the company said.

Powered by the company´s unique Kinetic Cloud platform, now available in both Europe and North America, the solution unlocks critical new communications channels for businesses to interact with customers and partners.

With text messaging becoming the preferred way for consumers to interact with companies for customer service, product questions, order status checking and other interactions, it´s vital for businesses´ key phone numbers to be text-enabled.

The Tango Networks solution is a turnkey cloud-based service that enables mobile network SMS text messages to be sent and received on a company´s existing business phone numbers or on new SMS-enabled numbers.

Kinetic Cloud integrates SMS messages seamlessly into the corporate communications systems and other applications. This ensures business SMS text communications can be compliant with monitoring, recording, and archiving requirements.

Tango Networks empowers enterprises to maximize the reach, impact and value of their communications systems by extending their applications to any mobile device. Tier 1 operators and global enterprises rely on Tango Networks´ superior workforce mobility solutions, built over a decade of successful innovation. Tango Mobility Solutions include rich Unified Communications on any mobile phone; mobile voice and text recording for compliance; mobile usage control preventing distracted driving; and automatic application integration.