New ICAO aircraft CO2 emissions standard closer to adoption

UN´s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) committee on aviation environmental protection (CAEP) has recommended an aircraft CO2 emissions standard, paving the way for its adoption by the UN agency´s 36-state governing council, the organization said.

The association said the new environmental measure was unanimously recommended by the 170 international experts.

Under the CAEP recommendation, the new CO2 emissions standard would not only be applicable to new aircraft type designs as of 2020, but also to new deliveries of current in-production aircraft types from 2023. A cut-off date of 2028 for production of aircraft that do not comply with the standard was also recommended. In its current form the standard equitably acknowledges CO2 reductions arising from a range of possible technology innovations, whether structural, aerodynamic or propulsion-based.

The proposed global standard will have the greatest impact: for larger aircraft. Operations of aircraft weighing over 60 tonnes account for more than 90 percent of international aviation emissions. They also have access to the broadest range of emissions reduction technologies, which the standard recognizes.