New IBM cloud services enable zero-downtime updates

IBM (NYSE: IBM) said it has announced two new services for IBM Cloud: IBM Active Deploy and IBM Event Hub.

These features help developers avoid disruption to apps when deploying updates, eliminate complexity from manual processes, and integrate data from crucial sources of real-time information.

Active Deploy, now available on Bluemix, IBM´s Cloud platform, offers the ability to deploy software updates to cloud-based apps with zero downtime and no service disruption. Aligned with the growing trend toward continuous delivery enabled by DevOps, this service allows teams to produce software updates in short cycles and be confident they can deploy these updates seamlessly and invisibly.

Event Hub, another new beta service on Bluemix, brings together events generated by a variety of web services or on-premises systems into a centralized, cloud-based system. Multiple event streams can easily be aggregated within the Bluemix Message Hub, while still keeping data separate, organized and easily accessible.

IBM launched Bluemix with a USD1 billion investment in 2014, growing rapidly to become the largest Cloud Foundry deployment in the world. The open-standards-based Bluemix catalog includes over 120 tools and services spanning categories of big data, mobile, Watson, analytics, integration, DevOps, security and Internet of Things.