New Flight Charters announces private jet charter empty legs listing

New Flight Charters, a nationwide provider of private jet charter since 2004, announces the largest public listing of empty legs in the jet charter industry, the company said.

The company now is listing over 150 upcoming and available empty legs from US private charter aircraft.

Also known as dead-heads or ferry flights, empty legs are flights without passengers on board when an aircraft needs to be moved. Often a private charter jet will have empty leg flights associated with an existing flight schedule- when it needs to move to another location to start a charter, or return back to base after completing a charter, or the same situations for its owner flights.

These empty legs, when an aircraft needs to fly a certain direction, can be a unique opportunity for a low-cost jet charter. Aircraft can be re-routed to accommodate a charter flight need. For example, an empty leg from Houston to Denver can be rerouted for a Dallas to Aspen charter at a much lower than normal cost.

Rates can vary since each empty leg charter is unique, but pricing is typically 30-50% lower than standard charter quotes.

Since 2004 charter aircraft owner and US private jet charter brokerage New Flight Charters has arranged private domestic and international flights with top-rated operator aircraft along with its jet charter pricing Best Price Guarantee, top aircraft availability, industry empty legs list, and a perfect safety history.