Neustar TRUSTID Introduce Inbound Authentication Solution

Neustar®, Inc., a global information services company and provider of identity resolution, has introduced a new product offering, Inbound Authentication Pro, the industry´s first inbound authentication solution to verify the call and the caller through a single solution, the company said.

With more choice and tailored engagement than ever, consumers have grown to expect a consistently exceptional service experience, no matter the channel used to interact with a company. For call centers, this requires knowing who is at the other end of the line, to both provide enhanced service and protect customer accounts. The challenge for most organizations is the rapid pace of change in consumer data, coupled with an increase in fraudsters seeking access to private customer accounts.

Inbound Authentication Pro combines pre-answer call authentication products from TRUSTID, a Neustar company, and Neustar OneID®. The pre-answer authentication solution first inspects each incoming call to validate that the call is legitimate and is not spoofed, manipulated or virtualized. The authoritative OneID system — which continuously corroborates, verifies and appends missing information across customer records — then instantly identifies the caller, even when the calling number is not in the organization´s CRM, and allows optimal routing of calls for superior service, all the while mitigating fraud risk.

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