Neustar Applies Unique Consumer Data Intelligence to Manage TCPA Risks

Neustar, Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and KUBRA, a provider of customer experience management solutions to some of the largest utility, insurance, and government entities across North America, has announced a partnership that brings the Neustar Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliance risk mitigation solution to KUBRA, the company said.

TCPA compliance is not simple, in part because phone data continues to evolve and become more complex. The phone intelligence required to mitigate TCPA risk is comprised of complementary data elements that enable organizations to make the best decisions regarding dialing or texting a consumer.

When a customer signs up for outage alerts, Neustar will provide KUBRA with information as to whether the contact number is a landline or mobile line, helping KUBRA´s clients determine what policies must be put in place in order to remain in compliance with TCPA. Neustar will also help KUBRA clients track any phone numbers that have been disconnected. This verification allows clients to increase customer contacts within their KUBRA Notifi alert and preference management implementations while reducing the risk of sending unwanted messages.

Every day, the world generates roughly 2.5 quadrillion bits of data. Neustar isolates certain elements and analyzes, simplifies and edits them to make precise and valuable decisions that drive results. More information is available at

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