Neumob expands app acceleration network across China

Neumob, an app acceleration for a mobile-first world, has expanded its global acceleration network by 23 points of presence to a total of 86, with a massive and targeted emphasis on speeding up app performance in China, the company said.

The company already boasts a robust global footprint, with a targeted presence in 64 metropolitan areas around the world, including well over a dozen each already in both Europe and North America.

Neumob´s new acceleration nodes include multiple points of presence in both Beijing and Shanghai, as well as focused additions to its network in Guangzhou, Quingdao and Hong Kong. Neumob has also now added new points of presence across India, and in Sweden, Australia and elsewhere.

Neumob´s innovative, mobile-first infrastructure and global presence combine to dramatically reduce frustrating in-app errors, slow load times, failed uploads and app timeouts, whether an app´s users are hyper-local in one city or located around the world. App owners simply install a 2-line SDK into their app, and instantly gain access to Neumob´s world-class, global app acceleration network.