Network Critical launches scalable packet broker

Network Critical, a designer and manufacturer of TAPs and Packet Broker solutions, has announced the launch of SmartNA-PortPlusâ„¢, the company said.

This latest Packet Broker is a high density, high performance solution with up to 192 Ports covering 1/10/25/40/100G speeds. The new class-leading product enables organizations to quickly and easily tap into next-generation high speed networks whilst leveraging existing monitoring tool investments, thereby reducing capital expenditure. In short, SmartNA-PortPlusâ„¢ helps organizations to cost-effectively scale their monitoring and security infrastructure.

Available in September 2018, this network visibility product creates the foundation for understanding what is happening on the network, especially when dealing with a myriad of tools, allowing organizations to better manage and improve the performance of their network.

Revolutionary, SmartNA-PortPlusâ„¢ is more scalable, affordable, flexible and smarter than any other Packet Broker in the market today and enables 100% visibility of network traffic. This means that huge volumes of network traffic can be effectively aggregated, filtered and load balanced across multiple security and monitoring tools, delivering more efficiency and resilience to the business.

Since 1997, Network Critical has provided high quality TAP and Network Packet Broker solutions to customers around the world. A global business with 20 years´ experience in the network access technology marketplace, Network Critical has gained an enviable reputation for the quality and flexibility of its products and professional customer service and support. Network Critical has over 5,000+ customers served by offices in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia and it has longstanding history of producing and distributing it products to global markets. For more information about Network Critical visit: