Netskope introduces threat protection, remediation solution for enterprise cloud apps

Netskope, a cloud access security broker, said its Netskope Active Threat Protection is available for the cloud access security broker (CASB) industry.

With a comprehensive vantage point over cloud app usage, Netskope Active Threat Protection combines threat intelligence, static and dynamic analysis, and machine-learning based anomaly detection to enable real-time detection, prioritized analysis and remediation of threats that may originate from — or be further propagated by — cloud apps.

These new Netskope capabilities integrate with industry-leading tools to create a defense-in-depth solution that reduces the time required for cloud threat detection and forensic analysis from hours to minutes.

With 4.1 percent of enterprises´ sanctioned cloud apps laced with malware and total cloud app usage — including unsanctioned or “shadow IT” apps — extending into the thousands per enterprise, organizations have been largely unprotected by traditional perimeter security providers.

The increasing complexity of the threat landscape and frequency of attacks has also led to an unprecedented shortage of skills and cognitive overload for IT security professionals.

Netskope Active Threat Protection addresses the lack of cloud visibility with a 360-degree view into sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud app usage, even if the user is accessing the app remotely or from a mobile device. This vantage point over the cloud vector goes beyond other CASB solutions that fail to see all app usage and data movement. Netskope Active Threat Protection goes even further by understanding the context of the usage, such as who is uploading, downloading and sharing data — information that may prove critical when thwarting an attack or limiting its blast radius.

Netskope, the leading cloud access security broker (CASB), helps enterprises find, understand and secure sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps. The world´s largest companies choose Netskope, the only CASB that ensures compliant use of cloud apps in real-time, whether accessed on the corporate network, remotely or from a mobile device.