Netropy 10G2 validates bandwidth-intensive applications with network impairments

Apposite Technologies has released its next-generation, high-performance WAN emulator, the company said.

The Netropy 10G2 allows application developers and enterprises to validate the performance of bandwidth-intensive, latency-sensitive applications prior to roll-out. Regardless of the application, the new Netropy 10G2 WAN Emulator can now simulate two separate bi-directional 10 Gbps links running at full-line rate.

Businesses deploy 10 Gbps links in the wide area for many applications, including server-to-server back up and IP video distribution. When high latency is introduced, file transfers become sluggish, even with sufficient bandwidth. Apposite´s Netropy 10G2 offers enterprises the ability to simulate high latency connections to test real-world, worst-case conditions.

Apposite Technologies´ award-winning WAN emulation products provide IT professionals with high precision tools for benchmarking the performance of applications across wide area networks.