Netronome announces architecture for advanced SoC designs

Netronome, a provider of high-performance intelligent networking solutions, has announced an open architecture for domain-specific accelerators designed to significantly reduce the burgeoning cost of silicon development as demanded by modern data center server, edge computing and automotive applications, the company said.

Decades of progress with general-purpose CPUs has slowed while performance requirements of workloads have catapulted, driving significant demand in domain-specific accelerators. With current approaches applied to developing and manufacturing domain-specific accelerator silicon, only the largest companies serving the highest volume markets can sustain the needed investment.

Netronome is collaborating with six silicon companies, Achronix, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Kandou, NXP, Sarcina and SiFive, to develop an open architecture and related specifications for developing chiplets that promise to reduce silicon development and manufacturing costs.

The silicon industry is undergoing a sea change as a result of multiple forces. Firstly, the demise of Moore´s Law and secondly, the growth of compute-intensive specialized applications (e.g., machine learning, security, networking) are driving the need for domain-specific architectures that drastically impact the economics of silicon development and ROI. Thirdly, the increasing size and complexity of silicon adversely impact development costs and manufacturing yields, and finally, requirements such as significantly reduced latency, form factor and power requirements are becoming critical (e.g., with edge computing).

Netronome designs and markets server networking and coprocessor platforms, including its market silicon accelerators, boards and software, enabling customers to increase the efficiency and security of their modern data center infrastructure. Netronome has a global footprint and is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. To learn more about Netronome and its products, visit