NETINT Technologies introduces Codensity EdgeFusion

NETINT Technologies, an innovator of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions, has announced Codensity™ EdgeFusion E408, combining NETINT´s video processing expertise with their Solid State Drive (SSD) technology into a single compact integrated solution suitable for deployment at the network edge, the company said.

With the new EdgeFusion E408, based on NETINT´s in-house developed Codensity G4 System on Chip ASIC, video streaming providers, application developers, cloud data center operators, and edge networking companies can improve the economics for their video storage, processing, and distribution requirements.

According to the latest Cisco VNI report, IP video will be 82% of all IP traffic by 2022 while live Internet Video will grow 15-fold from 2017-2022. Video content, due to their large data file sizes and bandwidth requirements, will continue to be a growing challenge to store and process for video distributors.

In parallel, cloud service providers and Content Delivery Network (CDN) operators are increasingly motivated to move video storage and processing closer to the network edge, to save core network bandwidth costs, improve Quality of Experience (QoE), while supporting emerging interactive cloud video application requirements such as cloud gaming, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR).

NETINT Technologies is an innovator of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions. Its Codensity portfolio enables cloud data centers, edge computing companies, and content providers to deploy scalable high-performance applications, while minimizing their data storage and video processing costs. NETINT, founded by an experienced team of storage SoC veterans, is a Canadian venture-funded high-tech company with R&D facilities in Vancouver, Toronto and Shanghai, China. For more information, visit