NeoPhotonics, Inphi Complete Interoperability Demonstration of 400ZR Over 120km

Inphi Corporation (NYSE: IPHI), a provider of high-speed data movement interconnects, and NeoPhotonics Corporation (NYSE: NPTN), a developer of silicon photonics and advanced hybrid photonic integrated circuit-based lasers, modules and subsystems, have announced that the companies completed the industry´s first interoperability demonstration of OIF 400ZR Implementation Agreement compliant coherent transceivers, operating successfully across the C-Band over 120km of optical fiber, the companies said.

Transceiver pairs consisting of Inphi´s COLORZ® II QSFP-DD with its Canopus™ 7nm Coherent DSP and NeoPhotonics 400ZR ClearLightTM OSFP were successfully linked. Both 400ZR coherent optics transceivers carried error-free traffic over a typical data center interconnect (DCI) link configuration (amplified over 120km of fiber) at several wavelengths across the C-Band using Arista 7060 data center switches.

The successful interoperation of NeoPhotonics and Inphi 400ZR transceivers demonstrates the availability of interoperable coherent transceivers for the 400ZR ecosystem, a key step in enabling the next generation of DCI links. 400ZR pluggable transceiver modules significantly reduce the cost and power consumption of DCIs by eliminating the transport network equipment layer.

Inphi´s COLORZ® II is the industry first 400ZR QSFP-DD pluggable coherent transceiver that enables large cloud operators to connect metro data centers at a fraction of the cost of traditional coherent transport systems as well as enable switch and router companies to offer the same density for both coherent DWDM and client optics in the same chassis. For end users looking for performance beyond 400ZR, Inphi´s Canopus 7nm coherent DSP is an industry first, offering a multitude of reach and data rate options for metro and long haul performance.

NeoPhotonics ClearLight™ 400ZR transceiver family, including QSFP-DD and OSFP for Cloud and Ethernet applications and the CFP2 form factor for telecom networks, offers industry coherent optical transmission performance in low power, pluggable form factors compatible with switch and router platforms. These modules utilize NeoPhotonics industry coherent optical components including its Silicon Photonics Coherent Optical Subassembly (COSA) and low power consumption, ultra-narrow linewidth Nano-ITLA tunable laser. These components further enable operation over the full 6THz Super-C transmission window.

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