NeoPhotonics high power non-hermetic DFB laser arrays available

NeoPhotonics Corporation (NYSE:NPTN) has announced general availability of high power 1310 nm lasers and laser arrays qualified for use with low-cost, non-hermetic packages for 100G silicon photonics based QSFP28 modules in data center applications, the company said.

NeoPhotonics is addressing the need for custom high-power and non-hermetic laser sources to provide the light source for Silicon Photonics based transceivers used for 100 Gbps connections within the data center.

Deployment of such transceivers in industry-standard “Multi-Source Agreement” formats such as CWDM4, CLR4 and PSM-4, predominantly in a QSFP28 form factor, is now underway.

To support the emerging Silicon Photonics eco-system, NeoPhotonics has developed and qualified to the Telcordia GR-468-CORE Issue 2 standard, a line of high power, uncooled lasers and laser arrays for several industry-leading Silicon Photonics transceiver manufacturers.

Each laser provides an efficient and high power light source designed around a specific implementation of Silicon-based high speed analog and digital electronic devices and related photonic components.

These high power 1310nm CW DFB lasers are qualified to non-hermetic test compliance with Telcordia GR-468-CORE Issue 2, including damp heat testing for powered non-hermetic devices, and are production ready.

NeoPhotonics designs and makes optoelectronic solutions for the highest speed communications networks in telecom and datacenter applications. It maintains headquarters in San Jose, California and ISO 9001:2000 certified engineering and manufacturing facilities in Silicon Valley (USA), Japan and China.