NEC Launches AI-Driven Intelligent Call Routing

NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a provider and integrator of advanced IT, communications, networking and biometric solutions, has announced the launch of Network Connect, the company said.

The new call routing solution from NEC uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automatically route each call with the most cost-effective and reliable carrier solution available. Network Connect utilizes the wholesale telecom ecosystem available through 46 Labs Communications, the Carrier of Record.

In addition to wholesale cost savings, NEC Network Connect offers unprecedented visibility and control of voice network traffic. Businesses can access important insights, like Quality of Service and other performance metrics, which are typically monitored by carriers behind the scenes. Using AI and machine learning, Network Connect can help businesses detect issues, provide reporting and mitigate quality issues before they unfold.

The Network Connect carrier hub includes hundreds of global voice carriers, many of the same carriers businesses are using today.

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) delivers integrated Solutions for Society that are aligned with our customers´ priorities to create new value for people, businesses and society, with a special focus on safety, security and efficiency.

46 Labs is a provider of telecommunications infrastructure as a service (IAAS), including the powerful Perimeter telephony platform. 46 Labs empowers next-generation telephony for service providers and multinational enterprises with simplicity, scalability and efficiency, supporting more than 1 billion phone calls per day across its network.