NEC Display Solutions of America appoints vice president

NEC Display Solutions of America, a provider of commercial digital signage solutions, has announced the appointment of Kirt Yanke as vice president of quality assurance, service, and research and development, the company said.

Yanke has risen through the ranks during his 29-year tenure at NEC Display, starting as a product development engineer and in the eight years prior to his recent promotion, serving as the company´s senior director of R&D and quality assurance.

Yanke´s new role as vice president of those departments involves fully merging NEC Display´s already closely tied quality assurance and service teams to maximize efficiency in resolving customer issues; offer and fulfill managed services; and ensure that the company´s product technologies are poised to remain competitive for years to come.

Yanke´s former position involved working on the frontlines of new technologies and testing changes to ensure product compatibility. He worked closely with marketing and sales teams to incorporate requests and research and development design specifications. Yanke has been instrumental in developing a host of new NEC Display technologies that have helped propel the company to the top of its class.

Yanke serves on the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM) through the Society for Information Display (SID), which helps set standards for display metrology. He also belongs to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and is part of its Technical Advisory Groups that work to define display measurements for the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

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