NCS aligns with broadcast industry requirements for bandwidth-efficiency

Tokyo-based broadcast equipment manufacturer Nippon Control System Corporation (NCS) has joined the TICO Alliance as new member, the company said.

With the upcoming ISO standardization of TICO as JPEG-XS, the Alliance is growing in line with the broadcast industry´s transition.

TICO technology, currently specified as SMPTE RDD35 & under standardization as JPEG-XS, is in line with the ongoing work on SMPTE ST2110 part 22, defining the transport of compressed video over professional media networks to create bandwidth efficient workflows.

Today, all the members are able to serve lossless quality and will be able to even bring further compression efficiency in the future – still with only a few microseconds of latency.

The Alliance is an open coalition of companies united to set the bar for next generation UHDTV infrastructure by establishing TICO compression in the new IP-based Live ecosystem. The group enables the industry to seamlessly update existing SDI-based workflows to bandwidth-efficient workflows in HD, 4K, 8K. More on