NCI solution automates repetitive tasks

NCI Information Systems, Inc. (NCI), a provider of advanced information technology solutions and professional services to US federal government agencies, has announced it has been named an Industry Innovator in the 2018 Government Innovation Awards, the company said.

The company was selected for its government artificial intelligence (AI) solution, Shai, which stands for Scaling Humans with Artificial Intelligence.

Shai is a transformative operational AI technology designed to handle repetitive tasks with immense accuracy and efficiency, using the tools and systems agencies already have in place. The three main areas Shai is trained on include back office support, service desk support, and data entry and migration.

By automating highly repetitive, high-volume tasks, federal agencies can redirect their staff to focus on higher value knowledge-based work, reducing costs and increasing overall efficiencies. And, Shai is completely coded in the US, safeguarding against foreign threats introduced by offshore options.

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